Free for merchants

No illegally
No installation
No investment
No merchant cost
No merchant fee
No risk (Barter to THB by T+1 Settlement)
  • The settlement is the process through which your merchant receives the cryptocurrency paid by your customers
  • Each settlement generated has a date time and cryptocurrency attached to it along with the amount
  • The complete process takes a time of T+1 business days, and pay back in THB to your bank account on the next day
  • You can view and download the THB settlement reports in daily or monthly format​
  • Each Payment has a date of creation and a amount in THB and cryptocurrency​
  • Each payment has a Settlement ID mapped to it, reflecting the settlement it belongs to​
  • We have both transaction reports for a merchant and a dealer​

Gain access to a $150 billion crypto market

“Accepting cryptocurrency with CMS is the easiest way to tap into the global cryptocurrency economy. Start accepting today, for tomorrow's customer”